About Follow My Lead

Our Philosophy

“A great dog is the commitment of a loving owner speaking the same language.”

  • It is our passion at Follow My Lead to bridge the communication gap between dogs and their owners through education and experience.
  • We believe in dogs interacting and thriving with other dogs in their most natural state of mind and environment, thus creating a well balanced dog.
  • It is important to us to create a community/family feel extending from our staff to our members. We invite you to meet and learn more about those that make FML possible and those that work hard and love your pups as their own.

Meet the Owners

Tiffany Stearns

tiffany stearns

Tiffany is a Baltimore-based, canine trainer with a certificate in Animal Behavior Learning Theory. She has 30 years of experience training rescued, abused, and abandoned canines. Her training philosophy focuses on energy, body language, and merging a mental language between canines and their owners. Throughout the years of volunteering in the New England region, Tiffany was involved in cooperative training, education, and rehabilitation programs for surrendered, neglected, aggressive and abused dogs.

From February 2015 to October 2017, Tiffany collaborated with a local doggie daycare within Baltimore City where she developed and implemented a handler training program and on-site canine manners training classes. Tiffany created and administered the assessment process for new dog daycare clients to ensure their physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.

In 2017, Tiffany was approached by Eastern Animal Hospital to train managers and staff at their new location encompassing a doggie daycare program.

Tiffany has an ongoing relationship with Belvedere Veterinary Clinic in handler/vet tech body language courses to build a better communication platform for owner, canine, and vet techs.

Tiffany offers in-home training, semi-private obedience classes, and community training adventures through Follow My Lead, LLC.

Mary Frances Gensor

mary frances gensor

Mary Frances is a native of Baltimore and holds a BS degree in Sociology from Wingate University in North Carolina. After college, she worked within the Harford County School District helping children with emotional and behavioral disabilities. She would use her own Lab, Cody, to facilitate children’s psychological progression and observed the positive benefit Cody provided for the children. This was a stepping stone for all future endeavors.

In 2013, Mary Frances became co-owner of a doggie daycare business within the Baltimore City area. Once she met Tiffany in 2015, it became increasingly clear that the standard industry of “warehousing dogs to increase revenue rather than the overall wellbeing of the individual dog” was detrimental to both her and the pups she represented. Ultimately, Mary Frances sold her shares in October of 2017, and in 2018 she became a 50% partner in Follow My Lead, LLC.

At FML, Mary Frances wears many hats. She is proficient as the administrator coordinator, working tirelessly to make sure all members feel comfortable leaving their pups in our care. She also works directly with Tiffany to help traumatized and undersocialized pups gain confidence and social skills necessary to thrive among canine peers and handlers.

Mary Frances fully embraces the true meaning of what dogs both need and most importantly deserve. She continues to learn and apply her knowledge towards her own Bluetick Coonhounds, Mabel & Myrtle.

Meet the Handlers



Craig has been in the pet care industry for 4 years and joined FML in 2019. A musician by trade, Craig also found out that his ability to communicate with dogs extends much further than just caring for them. His calm nature provides a sanctuary for our most nervous newbies as well as strong one-on-one bonds with the long timers. We have a saying here at FML, “Craig has the best dog mojo ever”. Humans and canines alike gravitate toward his positive energy. He is a master of play etiquette and spends his days teaching pups to share toys, not to steal from others, and impulse control drills; all while playing and interacting on a personal level. Be assured that Craig loves your dog. After all, here at FML, we are experience driven; not task driven.

When Craig signed on with FML, by happenstance, he also adopted our foster pup at the time, Sig, and as far as Sig is concerned, Craig hung the moon, however; FML also shares that sentiment.



Erika is the proud owner of a 2-year-old GSD appropriately named Reyna. With her exuberant personality and stubbornness to do things “her way”, Erika quickly realized when Reyna was a pup that she was going to need to channel this very smart, quick-witted thinker. Per Erika’s words, “Any person who raises a puppy knows that patience is a virtue and that you just need a sense of humor sometimes, because there are days when you raise a puppy when you just need to laugh so you don’t cry.”
Erika became so committed to our program that she asked about employment to work with dogs other than just her own.

Erika brings a great sense of humor and patience, and her attention to detail is nothing short of inspiring. She treats each and every pup as if they were hers, and that is the foundation of being a great handler.



Kostis came to us in the spring of 2018 when he contacted FML to help raise his puppy.

Kostis and his pup made huge gains, and it quickly became clear that when Kostis sets his mind to something, he does it with heart, soul, and passion. Lulu quickly became one of FML's top canine students so when a volunteer position became available, Kostis joined our team.

Kostis advanced quickly from a handler to more of a trainer role, helping each and every pup to learn consistency. Their exuberant greetings when he came to the facility was proof that his patience and compassion were paramount to their success and vital in their venture of not just “surviving” this world but thriving in it.

His compassion for humans and canines is something to be admired. He was an inspiration to our human staff as well by providing encouragement on tough days, laughter when it was most needed, and a willingness to jump in, get his feet wet, and enjoy the process of shaping yet another pup generation.

He showed no hesitation in enveloping himself into the needs of the company while always preserving the humane hierarchy of “first, do not harm”. His commitment to showing each and every one of our pups the same patience and endurance produced high praise from other pet parents.

Kostis left us in November of 2019 to pursue a career in medicine in NYC and all these months later we have pet parents asking when he is coming back. We love seeing him when visits the Baltimore area, and feel humbled when he jumps in to work with the next "latest and greatest" FML family member.