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Premier Private
Training School
for Dogs
Energy based training opens the line of communication between dogs and their owners
Day School
Day School

Provides learning through play style environment available only to FML exclusive members. Everyday, daily sensory enriched and skill building activities are incorporated to build and strengthen interactions and relationships between humans and dogs.

tiffany day school training
Overnight Boarding
Overnight Boarding

Boarding and Board & Trains are available to our members only. Our peaceful home setting creates real in home etiquette training and allows our dogs to fully relax and bond with the staff.

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Why Does My Dog Act Weird?

We Can Help!

Follow My Lead doesn’t believe in training commands, asserting ourselves as “the alpha” and creating a robot dog. We want you to establish a relationship with your dog and to do that you must learn to communicate with them. Tiffany teaches owners how to effectively read, understand and communicate with their dogs. Once this line of communication has been opened and you are now talking the same language, the bond will only strengthen

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Our premier facility is a private members-only training school for dogs

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What We Offer

Daily Enrichment

Imagine your dog spending his/her day mostly outside with an abundance of fresh air and sunshine surrounded by the calming effects that nature provides, as opposed to being stuck in a warehouse building which currently serves as today’s traditional “doggie daycare” setting?! Follow My Lead offers your dog the opportunity to make their own decisions about what to explore, where to roam, who to interact with all while under the supervision of our highly trained handlers.


For dogs that have fully acclimated into our enrichment program and attend each week, have the luxury of spending the night in a REAL “home away from home” as our school house is set up as a real home. A handler will be snuggled up in a queen size bed surrounded by our snoozing pups in the room. Dogs that are more comfortable sleeping in a cozy crate, will be tucked in their crates in the bedroom with the others. Dogs that have earned the right to sleep “free” will be allowed to sleep on dog beds in the bedroom, just as they do at home.

Board & Train

If your dog needs extra 1 on 1 guidance learning how to properly socialize and interact among dogs, the board and train option would be for you! Board & Train offers an extensive training experience with 1 on 1 interaction. When not working with Tiffany, they will be paired with a handler constantly working on their behavior plan. Our facility provides the proper setting for in home etiquette throughout the school house.

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