Training Services

Canine Energy and Communication Training

  • Learn body language to improve communication efficacy instead of repeating a command louder and louder hoping for compliance.
  • Learn how healthy human energy is paramount to healthy canine energy.
  • Learn to reinforce appropriate energy-based behaviors versus visual command adherence and WHY this is so important to differentiate.
  • Tap into what it truly means to have a companion pet.  The intricacies of two beings communicating to reach a mutual understanding.
  • Our training facility, nestled in a quiet, residential neighborhood, affords the perfect setting to work on almost any in-home issue you may be encountering.
private training


1 on 1 with Tiffany

Working Place


these are small groups of dogs working on the same “issues” and can be held at our facility as well as out in the community.  This class requires approval from Tiffany.

group classes

Group Classes

Foundational obedience class with a focus on generalized community etiquette.  These can be held at the schoolhouse or out in the community

comunity training

Community Training

Continuing education for the graduated canine who is working on large group/crowd etiquette and environments across different platforms such as in the city, farmers markets, parks, hiking trails, etc.  This class requires approval from Tiffany.