Day School Program & Enrichment

What to Expect from our Day School Program

  • Upon completion of preliminary integration, your dog will become a student of FML attending a minimum of 1 day a week enrichment course on a predetermined day that compliments your dog’s skill set and personality. Requiring regular attendance ensures the dogs are properly habituated to the pack, handlers, routines, expectations and house rules
  • Active participation from owners will be required in the form of ongoing training
  • Daily focus on reliable execution of commands and appropriate behaviors
  • Learn to socialize, play, diffuse, and integrate with dogs while building personal relationships at their discretion
  • Extensive outdoor access to increase confidence and exposure to the natural environment with a focus on distraction habituation
  • Working with multiple handlers to learn generalization of every command, drill, or exercise all while playing and interacting with others and the environment
  • Focused mental stimulation to encourage learning across various platforms
  • Predictability is the key to success and reduces stress throughout
    daily normal routines, creating a well-balanced, healthy dog in mind and body.
class in session

Benefits of our Enrichment Program

  • SPACE! Dogs will have room to extend their run into a full gait
  • Strict adherence to critical space to optimize comfortable surroundings
  • Immersion of Mother Nature and the outdoor elements
  • Grooming and touch skillbuilding
  • Vet skillbuilding
  • Generalization of common obedience commands
  • Diverse and complex training drills
  • Learn to be surrounded by all breeds, size, ages, gender
  • Interactions with different humans of size, age, gender
  • Constant changing environment allowing for simulation & learning how to adapt to different situations
  • Interactive games supporting their physical coordination and mental sharpness
  • Field trips to parks, the city and pack hikes are also benefits for the dogs in our program

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